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Is It Time for You to Get an Apple iPhone 5?

You have already heard about the good news… the Apple iPhone 5 was recently released. Yes, the moment we all have been waiting for is here – the latest phone to love from the brand we all trust is out in the market. This simply means that you no longer just have to drool waiting for it; you can already actually bring home one.

For those who have waited long for the release of the new Apple iPhone 5, the long wait is over. One can easily buy them from a nearby gadget store or even on the Web, or one can avail of postpaid plans from a trusted network provider.

So what exactly are the reasons for you to get this new Apple iPhone 5? What are the new specs that you won’t find in the older models? Do these specifications mean better deal for you? How much budget would you need for you to bring home one? In this article, we will take a closer look at what the phone offers…

Slim and Sturdy

Nobody wants to have a bulky phone. And the new Apple iPhone 5 meets just this demand. It is known to be 18% thinner than its predecessor the iPone 4S. knThis thinness also means you get a lighter phone. However, despite its being light, you know just by holding it that it is not the kind of phone that easily breaks or cracks down like a toy. For those who are not happy with plastic backsides, it would be great news to say that the new iPhone 5 has a metal back (yep, just like the original iPhone). This thing alone affirms the fact that you now own an Apple device.

Bigger and Brighter Display

The Retina display of the new Apple iPhone 5 proudly boasts of 4 inches size. The resolution is the same as the 4S but with a wider display, it makes everything so much brighter and easier to use. If you use your Apple iPhone 5, you would find it easy to have less home screens because more application icons can fit on the screen (5 rows of icons, to be specific). The bigger and brighter display for the Apple iPhone 5 also means a great thing especially for those who love watching movies on the go – more realistic and more vivid movies in the wide-screen plus a more alive color and saturation compared to the iPhone 4S.


Another thing that makes the Apple iPhone 5 stand out from its predecessor and other phone models out there is its A6 chip. This means s speedier performance and even faster graphic capacity. For those who have experienced it, browsing the web with the new chip is more convenient since web pages load 2.1 times speedier, and song applications can load faster 1.9 times. To those who want to know, the new A6 chip is twice faster than the A5 chip currently available. Despite the speed, the new A6 chip is smaller than the A5 so that is one reason why the phone is slim and non-bulky.

Good Batt Life

Since one has not really tested the phone in practice, it is really hard to say how the new Apple iPhone 5’s battery fares. But Apple says buyers of the new Apple iPhone 5 will get 8 hours of talk time, 225 hours of standby time, 10 hours of browsing, 10 hours of playback (for videos)… you get the idea.

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