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iPhone 5 Features that Will Make You Want One Now

Are you one of those who are dying to hear about the new iPhone 5 features? Do you want to know what you will get in return of the price you pay for this new baby from Apple? Let us give you an idea of the iPhone 5 features that are enough for you to want to go shopping now…

One of the iPhone 5 features that make people want to purchase the new phone is its new OS – the iOS 6. According to Apple, this new OS offers the new Maps app, shared photo streams, Passbook, SIRI updates and the FaceTime in 3G. This OS was made available last 19th September.

Another reason to get the new iPhone 5 is its faster chip. Many people already love the A5 chip that is currently used. But there is no reason to say no to a faster A6 one. So what does this mean to the user? The new A6 chip is known to be 2x faster than its predecessor. Internet pages will load 2.1x faster plus Music applications will load about 1.9x faster despite the fact that the newer chip is actually 22% smaller than the older A5.

Another one of the great iPhone 5 features is its being slim and thin. Its thickness is .30 inches. That means it is about 18% thinner than the older 4S model. According to its maker, it is the thinnest phone handset in the market currently. But of course, we would not want to put a period to that fact since that can change fast with a new phone release. The new iPhone 5 is also 20% lighter since it is only 3.95 ounces in weight. Despite its lightness and slimness, the resolution is something to be proud of. The phone’s total pixel number is 1,136×640.

The new iPhone 5 features a bigger home screen. That is something to be appreciated especially if you are one who wants to cut down on the home screens to use on your device. It is easier to view applications since you get a total of five rows on the device’s home screen. If you are one who enjoys watching movies on your Apple device, then expect to see better wide-screen movies since you get 44% more color saturation when compared to the iPhone 4S.

Also, the iPhone 5 features a back that is made of mostly metal. This means that one weakness of the 4S is instantly solved. No more cracked phones because the metal backside makes it not only sturdier but also a bit classier especially if you want to remember the look and feel of the older Apple devices.

Also note that the iPhone 5 features touch sensors that are built right into the phone’s display. That can mean it is less prone to glare, allowing you to use the phone more comfortably. The effect is a bright, big and crisp screen.

As with most phones, it is hard to expect too much when it comes to battery life. But the iPhone 5 features decent battery life – 8 hours of talk time, 10 hours of web browsing time, and 225 hours of standby time.

There are many other iPhone 5 features worth mentioning here but one thing is clear – just the fact that this anticipated phone is here, it is worth checking out. Better yet, buy one so you can put to the test the many improved iPhone 5 features.

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