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iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S – Taking a Closer Look from a Different Perspective

Which phone is really better – the Apple iPhone 5 or the older model Apple iPhone 4S? Both phones are from Apple so you can be assured of the brand and the reliability that goes with it. Let us take a closer look at these two phones and take the perspective of the person who is not so much after the later model. After all, it sometimes it takes a critique to really see the strengths and the weaknesses of an item.

When the  Apple iPhone 5 came out in the market, just like any other new phone, the price was as expected – costly. For example, when the phone came out in the market, the 16 gigabyte  Apple iPhone 5 can shed one’s wallet of an instant $199. At that time also, the outdated Apple iPhone 4S was offered as low as $99 in 16 gigabytes. Both examples are connected to the usual 2-year contract. These examples make it clear that a newer model often comes out as really costly while the older one can be had at even half the price. So that is one plus point for the 4S especially to people who are not really after the ‘new phone hype’.

Generally speaking, it can be said that the  Apple iPhone 5 is indeed a good upgrade – you get newer features that are not offered in the older iPhone 4S. For example, with the iPhone 5, a user can enjoy a more powerful processing since it also suports the LTE data networks. Compared the the 4S, the Apple iPhone 5 also boasts of a longer battery life. It also comes with a more advanced camera system since it is able to shoot 1080 video with its rear-face cam and 720p video with its front-face cam. Also, for those who enjoy bigger screens, the  Apple iPhone 5 can be a winner since it is 4 inches in size compared to the 3.5 inches in older Apple iPhone models.

One downside to those who shed out much of their budgets just so they can have the 4S is the fact that the operetating system iOS 6 does not remain a sole feature of the Apple iPhone 5 since it would also be available as an upgrade for Apple 4S owners. Having the iOS 6 means having access to many new features that we thought were sole features of the iPhone 5 – updated iTunes, enhanced Safari browser, a newer and better Passbook service, and the improved and smarter Siri.

Another thing that separates the Apple iPhone 5 from the iPhone 4S is its metal back. This is something not desired by everyone. Some want the classier look of a plastic or glass iPhone. Some think that the metal back of the Apple iPhone 5 makes it too rough-looking. The thinner and slimmer body of the  iPhone 5 however is a big plus to the 5 since it can mean ease, convenience and a sleeker look.

All in all, even the newer iPhone 5 has its weaknesses; so does the older 4S. Simply put, deciding to purchase the Apple iPhone 5 over the 4S is beased on how a person is willing to shell out more money for a newer model and some added features.

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