Apple iPhone 5 Against the Samsung Galaxy S3

Many would admit that the biggest rival of Apple’s iPhone 5 is Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Many people were swept away by the pull of the newer iPhone5. After all, it made a blast when it went out in the market – with its LTE support, the A6 system, the Lightning dock connection feature, the bigger battery and the brand Apple itself. Let us take a closer look and see how Apple’s iPhone 5 really fares against Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

When it comes to design, more people praise Apple’s iPhone 5 because of its thinness, its nano technology, and because of its metal casing. To put it bluntly, Apple has tried to squish everything to end up with a smaller and thinner product without sacrificing its power and capacity. The Galaxy S3 is a full millimeter thicker since the iPhone 5 measures with just 7.5 mm thickness. Despite its thinness, Apple’s iPhone 5 has a strudy feel on the hand because of its metal casing. Many users praise its being more stable and less slippy to hold because it comes in etched aliminum black casing. Samsung Galaxy S3, on the other hand, with its plastic finish gives the phone a flimsy feel. Some people even react the feel of the S3 on one’s hand does not justify the amount of money you paid for it.

Now, let us compare the power of  Apple’s iPhone 5 to that of Samsung Galaxy S3. The one from Apple uses an A6 processor with 1GB RAM while the one from Galaxy uses Exynos 4412 of 1GB RAM. Compared to the older iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5’s A6 is two times faster. But for those who do not know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 wins over this one since the Exynos chip has 4 cores and also runs at an impressive 1.4GHz.

All older models of the iPhone uses the signature 3.5 inches screen. However,  Apple’s iPhone 5 came out different with it’s 4 inches screen with 1136 by 640 resolution. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is proud tto carry a 4.8 inches screen with 1280 by 720 resolution. One praise for Apple’s iPhone 5 is that its maker was able to widen the screen without widening the actual unit. Note though that Apple’s iPhone 5 uses the same pixel density as the 4S. Needless to say, Samsung does not really care much about phone width as it made the  Galaxy S3 obviously too wide (7.6cm wide) for some people’s comfort.

What was surprising when Apple’s iPhone 5 came out was the fact that it used a smaller 8-pin connector. This makes it incompatible with older docking accessories from iPhone. But of course, there’s a bridge connector that allows users to make the older 30-pin connector connected to the newer eight pin one. As expected, iPhone still does not allow users to have expandable memories. The Samsung Galaxy S3 however lets users utilise microSD cards and microUSBs.

Another noteworthy feature of  Apple’s iPhone 5 is the coming out of the new accessories. Earpods were introduced and many users loved the design as it makes the pods nestle into one’s ear canals, making it more noise-resistant. The technology used for these plastic Earpods are something to make Apple proud as sound quality is made better. The charger of  Apple’s iPhone 5 comes in the form of the Lightning. Samsung Galaxy S3, howver, does not offer new ideas with the common micro USB charger.

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